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an examination of the threads between our clothing and the environment

This work was part of an exhibition held at Hampshire College Art Gallery in December 2018.


My work examines the role of clothing in everyday life as well as its larger, cross-cultural impact on the global environment. I also seek to explore dynamics of overconsumption and disposability that influence our relationships with what we wear, both internally and externally. 



remains close up.jpg


Up to two thirds of a garments carbon footprint occurs after it is taken home. This piece is a collection of lint gathered from laundry rooms around campus, bringing a tangible illustration of the remains that fabric leaves after each time it is washed and dried. Lint is one of the visual aspects of these remains, but energy use and water contamination are two of the bigger, invisible ways in which we harm the environment while caring for our clothes.

Lint on Paper, 2018

50 in x 50 in

room embroidary.jpg

Bedroom, Embroidery on Naturally Dyed Hemp, 9 in x 9 in, 2018

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