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Where do you work?
I work at Nice Try studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Once an appointment is confirmed you will receive the full address.
How can I book a tattoo with you?
I use jotform to book my tattoo appointments and open the form at the beginning of each month for the month following.  The form generally fills up within a few hours. The best way to get access to this form is to join my mailing list. I will send out an email the day before. If the form does not fill out through my mailing list I will post it on my Instagram story @sydneyhunterart and there will be a link in my bio while it remains open. 
I am coming to NYC in X month, can I book a spot now?
I do not schedule further out than a month. If you have plans to come to NYC, the best way to book with me is filling out a form for when I am booking for the month you are coming. 
What are your prices?
  • My minimum is $160 per tattoo. 
  • Tattoos with color start at $200. 
  • For simpler sessions, my price range is generally$175-$300, with extremely simple designs being $160. For complex sessions, my range is $250 +. Price increases with amount of detail, fill, and difficulty of body part I'm working on.​
  • Discounts for QBIPOC people are available if needed. 
Do you give discounts for BIPOC?
Yes, If you are BIPOC and are unable to afford my usual rate, I will gladly give a discount. I reserve a couple spots a month for these cases. Please note in your booking form and we can discuss options for the tattoo you are interested in.
What is it like to get a handpoked tattoo?
Handpoked tattoos are done by hand as opposed to machine and are generally a gentler process. They are quieter and cause less trauma to the skin so the healing process is a bit easier. Because of the hand made nature of the work, areas with lots of detail and fill can take a really long time (2-4 hours). Handpoked tattoos may not be for you if you aren't able to sit for a while! Handpoked tattoos are also more organic and lighter than machine tattoos. There are more inconsistancies with line weight, and are spottier. Please look through my healed photos and make sure your expectations are in the right place before before booking. 
How can I best prepare for my tattoo?
Be sure to arrive at the appointment well rested and well hydrated. Drinking the night before will affect the tattoo. Make sure you have had a big nutritious meal before your appointment. Feel free to bring snacks as well, this can help with twitching. Wear comfy clothes, and bring a change of clothes if we are tattooing a spot that is hard to access in normal garments. If you know where you want to be tattooed, exfoliating the area is always helpful! Please bring your ID.
Do you repeat flash?
I never tattoo the same thing twice, but I will do flash in a different color. Sometimes I can also do a variation on certain flash designs, but if I have done that before I will retire it. Flash marked with red or yellow dots in my flash book have been claimed.
Do you do customs?
I sometimes open my books for customs. I choose custom requests that align with my style and that excite me. If I am doing customs in the month I am booking for it will say so in the form.
I have filled out your form many times and haven't gotten a spot. Whats up?
I try my best to book people that have filled out the form multiple times, but sometimes if you are only around on Sundays or limited days it may take a few tries. In other cases if I can tell someone has not read through my booking instructions I tend to pass over them. Feel free to reach out if you have booked 3+ times and haven't gotten a spot.
What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?
If you need to cancel for whatever reason, please let me know as soon as possible. 7+ days in advance is ideal. Things happen and I am very understanding. The earlier you let me know, the earlier I can rebook the appointment so I don’t lose income/ travel to the studio. I prefer a cancellation text 5 minutes before to a no show! If you would like to reschedule, you can do so with the same deposit as long as it is within 3 days of the appointment. If you cancel within 3 days of the appointment you must pay a new deposit unless I am able to fill your spot. Deposits hold for 1 reschedule. If you have to reschedule again, you will have to pay with a new deposit.
Please let me know if you would like to reschedule and I will send you a rescheduling form a few days before my normal booking. If you don't fill this form out in time I cannot guarantee a rescheduled spot for that month. If you reserved a design and planned to reschedule, I will hold that design for one rescheduling attempt. If I attempt to reschedule with you and don't hear back, the design will no longer be reserved.  
What should I do if I want a touch up on my tattoo?
Send an email to with the subject "touch up" once the tattoo has been healed a month. Please send a photo of the tattoo and mention what you would like touched up. 
Do you do color tests?
Yes! If you would like a free color test send me an email at to set something up.
I love your designs but I live no where near NYC, can I have another artist tattoo them?
At this time I am not open to other artists tattooing my work, as I consider my personal hand to be a part of the finished project. If you love my art and are unable to get tattooed, consider buying one of my prints or paintings!
What can I expect during our tattoo session?
I will greet you and then either consult with you about the design you chose or let you look through my flash book. There is ample time to look through the book, and I will periodically check in with you. If you are worried about not having enough time to look through the book, I recommend looking through my online flash book the night before to get a sense of what you are looking for, although do keep in mind that some ideas may be taken by the time of your appointment. 

Once your design is chosen, I print out multiple sizes to cut out and hold up to the desired tattoo location. Occasionally, if someone has a difficult time choosing I will print out 2 designs for them to try out. Once the size is selected, I will make a stencil that we will then apply to your body. I am extremely flexible about moving stencils and it is never a big deal to do so :) After this, I start tattooing! During the tattoo session, there is always time available for bathroom, snack, and drink breaks. I also offer Bactine use during the sessions, which numbs the area. Once I complete the tattoo, I will take a photo with consent and then wrap it up. I give detailed instructions on how to care for your tattoo. 
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